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Hot House Furniture Bags

For the Treatment of Bed Bugs in Furniture Items

The Hothouse portable heating chambers are light & frameless chambers which use an electric heater that forces hot air inside and to effectively kill bed bugs. The Hothouse heating chamber and Hothouse Furniture bag are designed to provide targeted heat application to soft furniture, mattresses, box springs, wheelchairs and hospital, to name a few.

The Bugstop Hothouse kills bed bugs in the hardest to reach places without the hassle and inconvenience of transferring them offsite; adding speed and portability to your complete bedbug irradiation program.

The Bugstop Hothouse furniture chamber is portable, easy to set up, simple to operate and used as part of a total bed bug solution. Pest control companies, hotels, social housing, retirement homes, and shelters are just a few that use the Hothouse.

After laying the Hothouse on the floor, infected items are placed inside on foam blocks to allow for unobstructed air flow throughout. The Hothouse is than zipped closed, securing the items and bed bugs inside. Tubing is used to connect the heater with the Hothouse. The heater forces 130F/55C within 2 to 6 hours.

Furniture Bag Features:

  • Fast & Easy Set Up in 10 Minutes
  • Portable & Easy to use
  • Industrial Strength Heater 575 CFM  20,000 BTU’s 4 12Amp 120Volt Circuits
  • Advanced Temperature Monitoring
  • Recirculates Hot Air
  • Flame Resistant Therrmal Fabric
  • Proven Lab & Field Tested
  • Ability to Heat Multiple Items at Once
  • Heat Only Infested Items and Not Whole House
  • The Hot House Keeps the Heat In
  • 8’x8x6′ [ Custom Sizes available on request]




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