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Bed Bug Laundry Bags

Water soluble, dissolvable and bio-degradable

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AmCan laundry bags are perfect for washing bed bug infested clothing! No more worrying about disposal of the infested garbage or laundry bag.

They are simple to use and leave no residue behind. Our laundry bags are safe for all washing machines and for all washable clothing. They come in three convenient sizes, one for top-loading machines, one for front-loading machines, and a commercial size.

Our water-soluble laundry bags can be used in hospitality for bed bug cleaning or simply used for soiled bedding. Our AmCan brand laundry bags are cold-water soluble, too! They dissolve in both hot and cold water, and are perfect for bed bug bedding.

How to Use the Bed Bug Laundry Bags:

  • Simply place your clothes into the laundry bag and tie the bag with the attached dis-solvable tie strip
  • Drop the bag into your washing machine, add your normal detergent and set the cycle to hot laundering and turn the washer on
  • Once cycle has run, your clean clothes will remain free of bed bugs
  • Once dissolved, the bags are biodegradable are safe for washing machines and for all clothing
  • Bags are sold in 25 packs

Laundry Bag Sizes:

Inquire with AmCan Products online or call us toll free at 1-877-411-0053.